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Not offering advertisers video format leaves money on the table, especially for a news app. This news app was seeking to diversify their revenue. With their strong engagement already in place, the app was looking for ways to leverage their high viewability to maximize revenues.

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After the initial assessment, we realized this news app hadn’t really taken advantage of video advertising, which is an effective tool, as potential customers are twice as likely to remember the content of a video ad compared to a display ad. Advertisers want to make the most of this format, so eCPMs for video are higher compared to other formats. Video ads is a huge opportunity for news apps especially since many content providers have already incorporated videos into their content.

AppMonet helped the client to determine the right type of video format that would work the best. Video ads are typically played at natural points in the user experience, such as between news videos. Users are engaged at these moments, which is why advertisers pay more for this format.


AppMonet helped them in their efforts to expand video ad sizes and formats. The mix was designed to ensure visibility and improve overall click-through rates (CTR), which resulted in a significant lift in revenue, 28% increase in total revenue from Q2 to Q3 in 2019

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