A look inside AppMonet’s #WFH – Winning From Home


A look inside AppMonet’s #WFH – Winning From Home

We’ve reached a turning point – and distributed teams are becoming the new norm. As individuals, organizations and governments continue to adapt in response to COVID-19, the traditional stigmas and barriers associated with working virtually have all but vanished. The closing of non-essential offices, increasing travel restrictions and shelter-in-place mandates have forced a staggering number of businesses to rapidly virtualize and distribute their workforces. Today, remote work isn’t reserved for freelancers looking to avoid a 9-5 grind. Advancements in technology and business practices – dramatically highlighted by the unexpected spread of the novel Coronavirus – are showing just how capable we are of acting as virtual employees. For many enterprises, this sharp and unplanned transition to #WFH is disrupting ongoing projects, processes and workflows.

At AppMonet, we rapidly embraced this new norm since the COVID-19 outbreak and made the call to let everyone work from home at the end of February. We quickly realized we could make remote collaborations work and turn it into an advantage for us. Now our new routine has been to check in at 11am and host a virtual standup on Google Hangout to share what we have worked on, what we are going to do and what is blocking us/what we need help with. We also developed new processes to clearly explain our thinking in writing and documenting all the key business practices for everyone to get on the same page. As a company, we realized we have to be more deliberate with our communications than we do in an office setting, but overtime this new practice makes us a stronger team and company.

In terms of client communications, we have been relying on Slack, WeChat and Skype but made a more conscious decision to check in more frequently. We’re sending frequent updates, being transparent, sharing good news, and just making sure everyone is in good health and spirits.

As a team, we are also implementing virtual happy hours and game times every week. Pushing the next level connectivity has been a bright spot in a dark time so that we can accomplish working — and winning — from home.

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