Adtech Q&A in Q2 with AppMonet


Q2 Adtech Q&A with AppMonet

What has been the ad spend trend in Q2? 

One month ago, 24% of ad buyers had paused their campaigns, according to an IAB survey on how COVID-19 has impacted spend. That number has since increased to 37% of buyers, according to the trade org’s latest survey.

The coronavirus pandemic brought everyone online, leading to a surge in traffic .But CPMs are falling industrywide. Ad prices drop when marketers lower their spending and demand for digital ads decline, and it will likely continue through Q2 as we expect pricing to remain low for the foreseeable future. At a point in time when marketers & their agencies need to extract as much value from their limited marketing budgets as possible, the practice of programmatic buying has never been more important to maximize revenue opportunities. 


Any apps/tools AppMonet is loving this season? 

  • Any tool that helps us collaborate, hang out, have virtual happy hours more easily online. We love Slack, Trello, Periscope and Airtable to keep us productive!
  • This is a weirdly addicting game by one of our partners – Mazes & More


Any recent win/success story to share? 

We are so grateful that as a team everyone is staying safe and healthy. We have had several new apps come onboard since March and they are already generating decent cash flow from AppMonet. We add fresh new and incremental revenue sources to those apps, which is key to stay ahead of the curve during this special and turbulent time. 


“SDK stability and revenue increase are the two most important factors we look for when evaluating the right monetization partner to work with, AppMonet did both for us” – from a happy mobile gaming app

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